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                                             Explore Desert in India by Camel Safari 

Incredible Camel Safari in India Explore the Desert by Camel ride

Camel the ship of the desert, is popular in Rajasthan. Camel Safari is one of the best and unique ways to explore the Incredible India desert of Thar. Thar desert is known for its own world, as the vast stretch of sand is dotted with dunes and xerophytes shrubs. journey with Camel ride, brings tourists to small villages of Rajasthan, where one can closely view the vibrant culture, colorful traditions and their hardships. So Taking a camel safari will also give you the opportunity to witness the rustic, rural desert life of India and it takes one to wildlife areas of Rajasthan.

Camel Safari Ranges in India

Camel Safari in India is mainly centered surrounding three cities(Jaisalmer,Bikaner,Jodhpur) in state of Rajasthan, The regions of Jaisalmer is maximum popular for Camel Safari. The desert land of Rajasthan offers different ranges of safaris, including the short range safari along safaris. A Camel Safari on Jaisalmer- Jodhpur-Bikaner route takes one close to the old palaces, havelis or courtyard, temples and other structures of architectural importance. Big town generally not comes on this route, so tourists can choose any route.

Careful to book camel Safari in India:

when booking your camel safari as the business is very competitive and it's definitely a case of you get what you pay for and you can see many company offer very cheap price. But Be sure to take care what they are giving you and want you pay With cheaper deal may be you not find good quality of food and bedding and other service can be lower and Mostly all Hotels in Jaisalmer organize safari but  it's better to go with specialist such as Driver India Private Tours site is

Duration of Camel Safari

The duration of Camel Safari tours varies between 2 to 7 days, with longer ones up to two weeks. Tourists can choose Camel Safari tour according to their convenience. Shorter, one day long Camel Safari provides a glimpse of the desert land, while longer, one or two week long give a close understanding of desert. You would not only have the thrill but will have opportunity to gain the first hand experience of rustic environ, to admire the real Rajasthan and an opportunity to mingle with the local villagers.

The most famous camel safari is Overnight stay on dune the best desert experience.
Start from Jaisalmer 2:00 pm (by Car) take one hour drive by car or Jeep to Desert National park.
On arrive refresh with soft drink, tea, Coffee,

Than go for Camel Ride for more less 3 to 4 hours and visit nice sunset from dune and come back to Desert resort and there you will enjoy Folk Music of Rajasthan and live Dance program by desert Girls.
Visit this traditional dance with some snake and beer than latter take Traditional food of Desert

What should you take for camel safari:

As Camel Safaris are usually organized in winters, desert nights can be very cold, so woolens are an essential part of your packing. It is necessary to carry sweaters, jackets, warm sleeping bag. Some of the woolen items are provided by the Camel Safari organizer also.

In the day time, the bright sun can be harmful, so one must carry sunscreen cream a sun hat, a pair of sun glasses, moisturizers, lip salve, suntan lotion or cream. Drink plenty of water before starting the Camel Safari, to avoid the dehydration.

Always carry a first aid kit as well as other essential items of day-to-day use, as you might need them. In some Camel Safaris, mineral water bottle, torch.

Rajasthan's Thar is the only desert in world which is rich in color and culture (in most other deserts, for example, the people wear only white), and warm with the hospitality of courtly traditions. These find a reflection in the camel safari too. And the splendor of the desert combined with the experience of camping and riding in it, truly makes one of the most impressive activities for travelers.

When go for Camel Safari :

Most camel safaris are organized in the winter, from October to March when days are cool and dry. 

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